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History of Pima

The election was held on August 11, 1884 with the polls being open from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. with the following being elected:

  • Mayor - John Taylor
  • Council - Gilbert Webb, Henry Norton, W.W. Crockett, A. Baker
  • Pound Keeper - Henry D. Dall
Thus, the first organized governmental body took office in the Village of Pima. We remained the Village of Pima until 1916 when the following minutes are recorded:

After the Town of Pima had been incorporated, the process of selecting a Mayor was the first order of business. The newly appointed Councilmen, A.E. Packer, J.H. Mangum, Jr., Alfred Rohner and John Nuttall, Jr., (W.A. Lines being absent), met to select from among themselves a man to serve as the first Mayor of the Town of Pima, on May 15, 1916. With a motion by J.H. Mangum and a second by Alfred Rohner, A.E. Packer's name was nominated to be the Mayor and the vote was unanimous.

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110  W.  Center,  Pima  AZ  85543
(928) 485-2611